24 May 2011

Lamborghini at Pro Porsche

After a doing some photos of a Porsche 996 Turbo for sale at Pro Porsche I got time to photograph a Lamborghini which has been in having some work done.

And here's the 996 Turbo ready for sale!

20 May 2011

Acorn Antiques - The Show

Following the publicity photos for Acorn Antiques The Musical I went along to take some photos for the dress rehearsal.  I couldn't resist going back later in the week to see the show without a camera in the way!  It was a great evening and a great show.

16 May 2011

Buttershaw Youth Centre 'Our Shout'

I took some photos at a Save the Children event near Bradford this week.  During the event I noticed that everyone involved in running the event had a bright red t-shirt on, and down the side of the the hall were thick, black curtains.  With a bit of table moving, a borrowed Save the Children banner, and an enthusiastic group of subjects we got an image which sums up the energy and enthusiasm of the centre.  Group shots bring so much opportunity for things to go wrong, but when they go right they are very rewarding!  Of course, there's still room for improvement - one guy at right back is a little bit lost, and I don't like the shadow far right - but on the whole, I think it's an image they'll like.

12 May 2011

International Panorama Awards 2011

I've been meaning to reprocess the Lethem Rodeo montage picture for a while now.  The Epson international panorama competition gave me a good excuse.  It's a slow business combining these four frames in photoshop, so it was nice to be given a Bronze Award for the final image.

I also submitted a second image - This strange vertical panorama from Kaiteur Falls.  Seemed like a good opportunity to present something a little different to the judges.  It also got a Bronze Award.