25 March 2011

Pro Porsche, Brighouse

After a week of great sunshine and the beginning of spring I had a cold, grey morning taking some photos of the Pro Porsche team in Brighouse for their website and promotional material.

I'm not sure which ones they're going to be using, but at the moment I like the dark, moody version of the team shot.  And just to add a bit of contrast, here's a picture of young trainee Joe getting a Ferrari ready.  It's not just a Porsche garage - in fact, there's a Lamborghini having some work done which might have to guest star in some photos once it's ready to be moved.

To finish off the shoot, a few days later, we headed up to Saddleworth Moor for some good evening light.


  1. As my son might say: "wowie kazowie" (goodness knows where he gets these things). A new post James! I feel like I've gotten a surprise gift this morning :)

    Superlative photos as usual.

  2. All very impressive James!! excellent stuff as usual, please do post more :-)